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The Automatic Homogenization Processor is a fully-automated fecal preparation instrument that conveniently pre-processes fecal specimens for test applications including the Giardia Chemiluminescence Assay and the Ova & Parasite test. This is a walk-away instrument that is a closed system for biosafety protection.

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Diagnostic Targets

Full filtration separation technology rapidly releases fecal elements

Double filtration produces homogenized filtrate into test tube

Test tube puncture hole silicone-gel cap provides closed system that avoids cross-contamination

Test tube can be stored at -20°C for long term storage

Sample container and test tube can be barcode labeled

60 sample capacity


The utility of the Automatic Homogenization Processor was demonstrated for processing 10 different domestic animal fecal samples into homogenates and recovering elements.
View Automatic Homogenization Processor Poster
The Sciendox mixing and filtration module also homogenizes human fecal specimens.
View the Feces Morphology Atlas of Parasites from Human Fecal Specimens
Automatic preparation of specimens for diagnostic testing from a diverse range of animals with the 2A Automatic Homogenization Processor
View the 2A Manuscript Preprint from SSRN
GIMDx, Inc. is the authorized distributor of the Automatic Homogenization Processor manufactured by Xiamen Sciendox Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Inquire at for additional specifications and ordering information.
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