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IMPROVACUTER® Clot Activator Tubes 200 pcs


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IMPROVACUTER® Clot Activator Tubes offer serum for determinations in chemistry, immunology and serology. The minimum recommended clotting time for serum tubes without Clot Activator is 30 minutes. Tubes marked as Best Practice Formulary meet demanding requirements of complex diagnostic instruments and current clinical guidelines.

IMPROVACUTER Clot Activator Tubes offer premium serum for determinations in Chemistry and Serology. Clot Activator and silicone are coated interior to accelerate clotting process.

  • The tube’s inner wall is spray coated with Clot Activator additive.
  • Requires 3 to 5 inversions for thorough mixing of blood.
  • Centrigugation conditions 1500-2200g for 10 mintues at 18-25°C
  • Sterilization: Radiation, 10-6 SAL, ISO11137
  • Cap color: Red top

Research or Veterinary use only.
1 box=100pcs
1 case=1000pcs


ProductSKUVol(ml)Tube size (mm)AdditiveClosure TypePack/Case Qty
Clot Activator 612030202313×75Clot Activator 3ML 13x75mmSafety Cap100/1000
613050202513×100Clot Activator 5ML 13x100mmSafety Cap100/1000

3.0 ml/13 x 75 mm box of 100pcs, 3.0 ml/13x75mm Pack of 200pcs, 3.0ml/ 13x75mm case of 1000pcs, 5.0 ml/ 13x100mm Pack of 200pcs, 5.0 ml/13 x 100 mm box of 100pcs, 5.0 ml/13 x 100 mm case of 1000pcs


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