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IMPROVACUTER® Gel and Lithium Heparin Tubes


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Research Use Only
Not for use in diagnostic procedures
IMPROVACUTER® Gel and Heparin Tubes offer plasma determinations in chemistry as anticoagulant.

Product Details

  • The tubes contain Lithium Heparin as anticoagulant and barrier gel forms a barrier separating plasma from cells after centrifugation. 
  • Requires 5 to 8 inversions for thorough mixing of blood.
  • Centrigugation conditions 1300-1800g for 10 mintues at 18-25°C
  • Sterilization: Radiation, 10-6 SAL, ISO11137
  • 5ml, SKU#743050202

Research or Veterinary use only.
1 box=100pcs
1 case=1000pcs


4.0 ml/ 13 x 75mm box of 100pcs, 4.0 ml/ 13 x 75mm case of 1000pcs, 5.0 ml/ 13 x 100mm box of 100pcs, 5.0 ml/ 13 x 100mm case of 1000pcs


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