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Improvacuter Multi Sample Needle


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IMPROVACUTER Multi-Sample Needles have a tri-bevel design and are coated with silicone, a low fraction lubricant, ensuring very gentle and smooth vein entry.

* FDA 510(k) cleared


For the item(s) ordered, a medical prescription must be provided to Improve Medical USA within a 7-day period. Shipping will be on hold until the prescription is received. If a prescription is not submitted within this period, the order will be subject to cancellation. This requirement does not apply to licensed care providers, equivalent qualified professionals, or licensed wholesalers, who are exempt.

Prescriptions may be sent via:


21G*1 1/2 box of 100pcs, 21G*1 1/2 case of 1000pcs, 21G*1 box of 100pcs, 21G*1 case of 1000pcs, 22G*1 1/2 box of 100pcs, 22G*1 1/2 case of 1000pcs, 22G*1 box of 100pcs, 22G*1 case of 1000pcs


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